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If your patient care organization is interested in participating in the free Nature for Healing Art Lending Program, please contact us at for a consultation appointment. To gain a preliminary understanding of how the program works, please read the Lending Agreement and the instructions below on how to select artwork from the lending library on this web site.

Once an initial consultation has been completed, up to 3 pieces of artwork may be selected to borrow from the art library shown on this web site for the first lending term of up to one year. Thereafter, the number of artwork pieces that can be borrowed is negotiable depending upon the needs of the organization.

All artwork has protective varnish and is framed with an elegant wood frame with no glass.

Selecting Artwork

How to display image number 1
How to display image number 2
Artwork requested for lending agreement

To select any artwork from this web site to borrow, I encourage you to click on the "Print Inventory" link on the left link bar to see what framed prints are immediately available.

To order any other image from the library that will take at the longest three weeks to print and frame, you can just browse through the image galleries or you can search for images that match a word or phrase. For example, you can type in the word "Yucca" to see all images that contain Yucca plants. Other search terms could be "River", "Waterfall", "Flower", "Autumn", etc.

When you come across one that you would like to borrow, just move your mouse button over the image thumbnail or over the bottom of the enlarged image you are viewing. Once you do this, the image number will be shown. Just make note of the image number that is displayed and include it in your message to us using the "Contact" link.

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